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Best Bitcoin Casino Games

Best Bitcoin Casino Games

Gambling has been there since the time of ancient Romans who gambled with dice. Online casinos evolved in the 19th century, though gambling has been there for a long time. 

The advent of Bitcoin in online gambling has contributed tremendously in popularizing online gambling. To know more about online casinos, particularly Bitcoin Casinos, you can go through the wide range of Bitcoin casino reviews that are available online. This will give you a good idea about the best Bitcoin casinos that are more relevant and trustworthy.

The reviews will also help you get an idea of whether the casino is licensed or not and whether the casino uses a provably fair set of algorithms. 


There is a huge variety of slot games offered by a Bitcoin casino. You can play the games of slots in fruit machines or slot machines with other themes. The reels will rotate and then the spinning will stop at a certain set of symbols. Every reel will have a different symbol or the same symbol. If the symbol is the same, you have hit a jackpot


It is a game of a spinning wheel that contains numbers. Alongside the numbers, there are compartments, and the ball has to land in one of the compartments. Various kinds of bets are placed in this game, whether the result is odd or even, or the result is a red or black number. 

There are 37 numbers in the game of European roulette. 


Blackjack is played between the dealer and the player. The player or dealer has to get a total of 21. Both the player and the dealer are given 2 cards. The various cards have a different face value. The cards from 2-10 are rated at the face value. However, the cards J, K, Q are valued at 10. The card A has a value 11 or 1 depending on the requirement of the player. If the dealer or the player gets a total of cards equivalent to 21, he/she wins the game

Sports Betting

Sports betting is foretelling the results of a game and placing a bet. However, before the game actually commences, the bettor must make the payment equivalent to the bet. The bets are placed on outcomes of various games like football, cricket, and horse racing. The betting is done on the results of the game like how much margin a team will win and which team will be victorious. 


In this game, the bettor has to bet whether the banker or the player will win the game. The player or banker whosoever gets a total of 9 or 8 on his cards will win first. All the cards 2-9 have a value equal to their face value. Apart from aces that are valued at 1, all the other cards have a value of 0. 

In this game, the player can get a third hand-drawn depending on the total which must be 1,2,3,4,5,10. But the banker can only draw a third card depending on what is the value of the third card drawn for the player. 

For example, when the banker has a total of 3 on his first two cards, then the banker can only draw a card when the player’s third card is 1-10 except 8. A banker has to draw a third card, once the total of his first cards is 0,1 or 2 irrespective of the value of the player’s third card. 

The number of cards in a hand is 2 or 3. When a player or a banker has a total of 2 digits, you have to delete the digit in one’s place. 


You can play in best Bitcoin casinos which has a dealer operating it 24/7. Apart from Bitcoins, casinos also deal in currencies such as Ethereum. These casinos also offer signup bonuses equivalent to some Bitcoins and free spins.

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