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Best Bitcoin Reference Books to Help Users

Best Bitcoin Reference Books to Help Users

The bitcoin protocol is perhaps the next big thing after the internet that deserves a special mention, not only because it solves the structural problems existing in the modern economy, it also gives people the monetary freedom of becoming one’s own bank.

Bitcoin: an Introduction

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, specifically computer software, which can be bought, exchanged, or sold directly without any financial intermediary.

Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology which is a distributed ledger technology made of multiple units called “blocks” that store all the information about every transaction made on the blockchain. No central authority maintains the ledger, and the participants are responsible for recording the transactions, verifying them, and adding them to the blockchain. Besides, distinctive private and public keys are available to each user to access their wallets to store their bitcoins.

Ways to Learn About Bitcoin

To help users learn about the fundamentals of bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies, both physical and online resources are available where users can get in-depth knowledge about bitcoin.

Top Books to Learn About Bitcoin

Some of the most popular books on bitcoin are listed below:

1) The Internet of Money

For the new Bitcoin users, this book is a complete guide to get an insight into Bitcoin. Written by Andreas Antonopoulos, the book is a three-volume collection of his lectures, which comprises the most diverse topics of the cryptocurrency world. ‘The Internet of Money’ contains a series of essays covering the evolution of Bitcoin over time. 

2) Bitcoin from Beginner to Expert

This book is written by Christian Newman, which is based on Cryptocurrencies in general, with more focus on bitcoin. In this book, the basics of bitcoin are explained in a simple and lucid language, along with some of the advanced concepts that make investors capable enough to make a choice when required. This book explains how bitcoin works and factors to be considered while investing in bitcoin to make a fortune.

Novice investors will find this book helpful as it gives step-by-step guidance to reap the maximum benefits from bitcoin investments. However, If you want to invest in Bitcoin just to make a good profit, then Bitcoin Rush is the perfect platform for you. Check out Bitcoin Rush Reviews by Experts to know more about this amazing platform and its legitimate. 

 3) Digital Gold

This book, written by Nathaniel Popper, is apt for those investors who have a sheer curiosity and love to know about the history and evolution of bitcoin technology. The book takes the readers through the fascinating journey of Bitcoin right from its genesis and its dramatic rise as the most popular digital currency. ‘Digital Gold’ was shortlisted for the 2015 “Financial Times and McKinsey” business book of the year award. The author Nathaniel Popper, being a celebrated business reporter at the New York Times, has the potential to present the rather complex story of Bitcoin evolution in a simple manner, which keeps the readers glued to the book till the end.

4) Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide to the World of Bitcoin

This book, written by renowned crypto author Ikuya Takashima, narrates how the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, changed the financial map of the world by introducing digital currency into the global financial system. This book explains how bitcoin gradually entered mainstream finance, and countries began shifting from traditional currency to digital currency.

5) The Age of Cryptocurrencies

This is another popular book for beginners who want to learn about the evolution of bitcoin. The book, written by Paul Vigna and Michael Casey, starts with the origin and future of bitcoin and explains how digital currencies are preparing to disrupt the existing paper currency. The book is written in a non-technical way, so that novice investors find it easy to understand. It speaks about the potentials of digital currencies and their pros and cons from various perspectives, like business, finance, politics, and governments.


Blockchain technology is a revolution of digital ownership and privacy, which have become important parts of people’s lives. Therefore, it needs a thorough understanding of the concepts for which millions of online and offline resources are available.

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