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Bitcoin Exchanges Faced Digital Tax Raid by UK HMRC

Bitcoin Exchanges Faced Digital Tax Raid by UK HMRC

Bitcoin exchanges were drawn under Treasury’s tech tax after UK HMRC claimed they were not qualified for financial services exemption. The tax authority has alerted online bitcoin exchanges that they are subject to the charge. This guarantees that digital giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook pay more tax to the government.

Crypto-assets, according to HMRC, are “not completely financial instruments” and so do not fall under commodities. Exemptions from financial markets are not available to online exchanges that offer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Last year, the digital services tax was enacted. It levies a 2% sales tax on internet search engines, social media platforms, and online marketplaces with a global income of more than PS500 million and UK sales of more than PS25 million.

This is likely to phase away following the G20 tax deal earlier this year to penalize evasion. It will stay in effect until a new bill is enacted.

The charge may have an impact on Coinbase, the world’s largest exchange. The company’s UK unit claimed EUR21.2 million (PS18 million) in sales last year, but it just announced that its worldwide revenues had doubled. It implies that by 2021, it will have surpassed the UK’s barrier.

The Treasury and HMRC are being lobbied by CryptoUK, an industry association, to address the problem. They argue that treating cryptocurrencies differently from other financial assets is unjust. They were considered commodities in the United States.

Following the Financial Conduct Authority’s “arduous” licensing structure, director of CryptoUK Ian Taylor remarked that this was a blow to bitcoin exchanges. It would also mean that anyone doing the transaction of crypto would have to pay higher fees.

Google and Amazon, respectively, have passed on the expense of the digital service tax on marketers and merchants.

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