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Delio Announces Hash Power Bitcoin Lending

Delio Announces Hash Power Bitcoin Lending

The CEO of the leading crypto finance company Delio, James Jung, announced that it launches Bitcoin lending with Hash Power, which affords bitcoins as an endorsement with Hash Power and started affording to those companies which offer hash power like Bitfury mining pools. Delio is a DeFi project. Delio has Bithumb, FTX, etc., as partners in virtual asset financing.

Hash power is the mining capabilities of miners in the network. The higher the hash power, the more digital assets they can get mined.

Freshly, the digital asset market has seen a change in the outlook for digital assets and a rise in its value for large US investment banks like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Standard Chartered, and many more to enter the market. Additionally, in Korea, NH Nonghyup and KB Kookmin Bank have stepped into the domestic market to launch digital asset custody services.

Roy Jung, a director in the Delio, said,

Roy Jung said

Hence, Delio introduces Hash power bitcoin lending as collateral. In the meantime, Delio, in cooperation with Bitfury, will offer hash power collateral service.

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