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Extensive Blockchain Released by Think Tank dGen in Europe 2020 Report

Think Tank Releases Its Extensive Blockchain In Europe 2020 Report

The think tank dGen has released its most contemplated “Blockchain in Europe 2020” report. Think Tank dGen is a company whose primary focus is on the decentralization of blockchain technology as quickly as possible.

The official statement presents an outline of initiatives taken up by dGen, which includes communicating to more than 60 experts and scrutinizing 1,200 organizations in 20 countries. 

Jake Scott, the Founding Board Member of dGen stated,

It’s interesting to analyze the culture that drives much of contemporary blockchain development, as it appears very endemic to Europe. Whether we look at The Enlightenment, the fall of the Berlin Wall, or our more recent history of fading borders for increased cross-country collaboration: it feels blockchain has a welcome home in the European discourse.

Think Tank made an analysis of the blockchain sensibility in six major European countries, which includes France, Germany, Malta, UK, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. dGen categorized each country on the basis of regulation, startup, funding, adaption and fiscal policies using an established scoring model.

To collect a few other information, dGen’s Founding board member Scott said that they aimed to collect databases of companies, funds, events, spaces, non-profits, and other organizations that are operating in the blockchain system of Europe. They analyzed all these prospects to know to what extent countries are interested in Blockchain innovations and how active the financial ecosystem is.     

The report further elaborates to talk about the list of benefits and restrictions each country faces in the blockchain technology. As per dGen’s observation based on Europe’s past collaborations among other countries, Europe holds the probability to occupy market share from the US and Asia.

The Co-founder of Scalewonder, Simon Schwerin, concluded the report by saying,  

Collaboration, clarity, and focus are key for EU players to succeed [in] giving the EU a unique position. We should start seeing our efforts more as EU broad or global efforts, which is very hard due to local ‘bubble’ bias.

Jonathan Murphy is editor in chief at He has 7 years of experience with our firm. He has keen interest in news reporting and reads crypto news in his free time.