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Farm.Space Links With Chainlink VRF to Get Black Hole Rewards

Farm.Space Links With Chainlink VRF to Get Black Hole Rewards

By integrating the decentralized network of Oracle, Farm.Space can access a tamper-proof and source of auditable randomness needed to execute the “Black Hole” incentive. It is a chance-based reward token and burning-based process for Farm.Space users. As a result, users will receive truly random rewards right from the Black Hole, creating an engaging, transparent, and fool-proof product.

When a user wins, the Black Hole starts collapsing, and a percentage of the prior balance is carried over to create a new round.

The firm requires access to a secure random number generator (RNG), allowing the user to audit the production of a random, chance-based token payout. RNG solutions for smart contracts need several security protections to avoid manipulation and maintain system integrity. RNG solutions that employ on-chain data like block hashes end up getting negatively affected by blockchain miners. Off-chain RNG solutions such as conventional data providers do not offer consumers conclusive confirmation of the process’ integrity.

Farm.Space chose Chainlink VRF after evaluating several options because it is based on cutting-edge academic research. Moreover, it is supported by Chainlink’s tried-and-true oracle infrastructure. It is secured by the generation and cryptographic on-chain verification proofs that ensure the integrity of random numbers offered to smart contracts.

The Working Method

Chainlink VRF generates both a random number and cryptographic proof by mixing unknown-block data, pushing for the request with the committed private key of the oracle node. The Farm.Space will only accept the input of random numbers. It offers automatic and verifiable guarantees to users that the Black Hole is user-friendly and cannot be manipulated with oracles by any outside entities.

The team investigates additional Chainlink integrations in various areas of the Unimex Network-Unimex Protocol and Degen Protocol margin trading. Chainlink Keepers can be used as backup for the liquidation of the position. The firm is looking into Chainlink Price Feeds to expose Unimex to the realm of synthetic derivatives and other intriguing opportunities.

About Chainlink

Chainlink works as an industry-oriented oracle network for smart contracts which are hybrid in nature. Developers can use the Chainlink Decentralized Oracle Networks to improve the features of smart contracts on any blockchain by getting to access the top collection of safe off-chain calculations and high-quality data sources. Chainlink now secures billions in terms of value for smart contracts across decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming, and other vital industries and is managed by a worldwide, decentralized community.

About Farm.Space

Farm.Space offers dual farming incentives from margin trading and lending to yield farming (BSC) on the Binance Smart Chain.

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