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Guide to Understanding How Bitcoin Mining Works

Guide to Understanding How Bitcoin Mining Works


Bitcoin mining has become more complex over the past few years; in the beginning, anyone can mine cryptocurrency using a laptop. In turn, they receive a reward of 50 BTC when they verify a block of the transaction by solving a mathematical problem. Presently, the number of Bitcoins entering into circulation has been reduced to 6.25 BTC per block. Nevertheless, all Bitcoin transactions should be validated, which implies transaction fees have become a significant source of income to the miners. 

How Does Bitcoin Work?

Each Bitcoin is a digital file stored in a virtual wallet app either on a computer or a smartphone. Users can send Bitcoins through their digital wallet, and they can also receive Bitcoins from other people. This transaction is recorded in a public ledger called the blockchain. In this way, it helps to trace the history of Bitcoins by making people stop spending other people’s Bitcoins; also, it does not allow them to make copies or reverse the transactions.

How to Mine Bitcoin on Your Own?

Here are the few steps to mine Bitcoin on your own –

  • Own a Bitcoin mining rig

If the user wants to start mining, they need to own a mining rig. In the beginning, miners used home computers and graphic cards; but today, it has become obsolete. With the advent of ASIC miners, the process has become complicated, and mining through home computers cannot be done anymore.

  • Set up a Bitcoin wallet

The next step is to set up a Bitcoin wallet. Using a Bitcoin wallet, the user can receive Bitcoins, and they can spend them. Bitcoin wallets permit the users to manage their Bitcoin address, where every Bitcoin address is in the form of a private key and public key. The user should also note that the Bitcoins are stored in the blockchain. 

  • Joining a mining pool

Miners offer their computing power to a group of miners when they mine Bitcoins. The profits are divided among other members according to the power supplied. Even though this income is meager, it is regular. The pool members have to pay a fee to the pool operator, and this fee is around 0 to 2% of the reward received.

  • Get a Mining Software

When the miner has their hardware Bitcoin wallet, and they have chosen a mining pool, the next step would be to get mining software for their computer. This software connects the Bitcoin network and the blockchain. This mining software mainly delivers the work for the miners, receives the completed results of their work, and adds information on the blockchain. 

  • Start Mining

The last step is to start mining and earn Bitcoins. The user can connect their miner to their power outlet, link to the computer, and install good mining software. They need to fill in the information about the mining pool and mining software and start mining. 

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable for You?

Multiple factors help users to determine whether Bitcoin mining could be profitable or not. The first feature includes the cost of the electricity to power the computers, the price of the computer system and various problems associated with it. Moreover, the difficulty is measured through hashes per second to validate a bitcoin transaction. The mining process becomes more complicated when more miners enter the network. When this happens, the mining reward goes down.

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Free Bitcoin Mining Without Investment

 The user needs to set up a mining rig if they want to start mining new Bitcoins. This process requires highly sophisticated computing resources like ASIC or GPU where it costs around $500 to $50,000. If the user wants to mine free Bitcoin mining without investment, it can be done through various platforms, websites, browsers, and apps, either on the desktop or a mobile device. Whenever the user completes the task on these platforms, they are paid a certain amount of Satoshis.  


Bitcoin mining can be profitable when the mining is undertaken where the electricity costs are inexpensive. Moreover, the profitability levels are also dictated by the current price of Bitcoin. Presently, Bitcoin mining has become more complex; in the beginning, anybody can mine Bitcoin using a home computer. These days mining rewards have become 6.25 BTC per block, and it still might go down. These bitcoin transactions need to be validated, and the primary source of income to the miners will come through transaction fees.

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