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Mosaic Supports Moonbeam Allowing Evm EVM L1/L2 Transfers Between Polkadot

Mosaic Supports Moonbeam Allowing Evm EVM L1L2 Transfers Between Polkadot

Mosaic announces its support to Moonbeam becoming linked networks, according to Composable Finance. Users will be able to transfer tokens between Moonbeam and Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Moonriver, and forthcoming integrations like Optimism and Starknet, thanks to this connection. Additionally, developers may now use the Composable SDK to access Moonbeam for cross-layer transfers, swaps, and function calls.

Composable’s transferrable solution of cross-layer asset is called Mosaic. Mosaic began as a proof of concept (PoC) in September and has since evolved to support millions of dollars in daily transaction activity. With the release of Mosaic Phase 2, all integrated projects will witness expansion benefits that will help them attract more users. Mosaic will make its first connection as a result of this integration.

The partnership allows Liquidity as a promising project

Moonbeam’s integration along with Mosaic’s Phase 2 invites the creation of new options for Moonbeam to receive large liquidity coming from ecosystems. Furthermore, the connection will give Moonbeam users a low-cost, straightforward way to connect assets across its network and external scaling solutions.

While the ability to perform asset transfers is a major benefit of this partnership, Moonbeam will also be included in the Composable SDK, allowing platform developers to utilize Mosaic and its underlying technology when developing cross-chain applications.

Developers on different Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) ecosystems will now be one of the first to access Moonbeam, thanks to Mosaic’s infrastructure. Moonbeam native projects are also going to have access to all other layers on Mosaic’s liquidity.

About Mosaic’s Phase 2

Mosaic is a liquidity layer of Composable, which acts as a link between varieties of EVM-compatible scaling options. Mosaic Phase 2 will usher in the next generation of infrastructure.

Mosaic’s goal is to maintain appropriate liquidity in the increasingly fragmented and segmented DeFi market. Mosaic’s most notable features are its dynamic charge model, single-sided liquidity provisioning, and active management.

Whole new opportunities for arbitrage will be opened in the second phase. In addition, turbo-charged bridge capabilities for complicated swaps and transfers will be introduced. These capabilities will help Mosaic support big swap operations. The new asset management tactics will allow bots to assist us by facilitating optimal transfers.

Polkadot Price Prediction

The overall market cap of Polkadot is $30,854,107,456.81. Polkadot is expected to outperform all Cryptocurrency investors in terms of price and market capitalization. According to this Polkadot price prediction, the DOT coin price is going to be around $35 in the first quarter of 2022; further, the crypto is going to rise, reaching $38 in the second quarter and $44 by the end of the year.

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