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MouseBelt Announces Launch of Its Blockchain Education Alliance (BEA)

MouseBelt Announces Launch of Its Blockchain Education Alliance (BEA)

MouseBelt, the ecosystem promoting blockchain, and the full-service Blockchain Accelerator, has announced the launch of the latest MouseBelt University Program and project- the Blockchain Education Alliance (BEA). This launch by the Bay Area incubator is aimed at fostering blockchain innovation through learning and education via the alliance.

The alliance includes- TRON, Orbs, Stellar Development Foundation, Hedera, Wanchain, ICON, Ontology, Harmony One, ETC Labs, LTO Network, Emurgo, NEM, and Nervos.

The members will operate collectively to accommodate university students with knowledge and contacts necessary to enter the blockchain workforce with practical skills.

This project is also endeavored at creating a new workforce to take up jobs in the blockchain market.

Previously Mousebelt University coordinator, Ashlie Meredith stated:

It’s better for everyone in the ecosystem if we have more talent and better projects being built. It’s a long-term investment in the space that benefits everyone.

The BEA comprises of a network of over 60 blockchain organizations in 14 countries. Via the UC Blockchain Initiative, Mousebelt has also confirmed collaboration with a few University of California (University of California, Santa Barbara and University of California, Los Angeles), and the engineering departments of many other educational institutions.

This project was a move as recognition of the shortage of students and talents well-equipped with the blockchain technology.

Ashlie Meredith, the Director of MouseBelt University, commented:

Students are demanding blockchain education. Universities need established-experts in the space to help develop curriculum and projects — and Stellar, TRON, Hedera, ICON, Ontology, Wanchain, Harmony One, Nervos, Orbs, LTO Network, Emurgo, NEM, and ETC Labs are well-positioned to share valuable knowledge. We have an opportunity to have a positive impact on how blockchain technology is introduced to students, which will result in more blockchain developers, more innovative research, and higher-quality companies.

MouseBelt is open to researchers, administrators, policymakers, and industry and enterprise professionals who are ready to serve collectively to foster the next generation of blockchain leaders. BEA members will guide the students via their University Program by:

  • conducting workshops
  • counseling during office hours and
  • delivering educational content

There are many ways to participate in the program. A few are:

  • Developers, protocols, and platforms can help utilize real-world pilots of cases in collaboration with learners and researchers in the BEA program.
  • Enterprise leaders can connect with leading educational institutions to fund researches and host academic conferences to authorized blockchain courses discussing various use cases.
  • Blockchain technology using organizations can avail training and resources to advance the blockchain skillsets of their employees.

“I think universities are a little bit lost in the space, and having industry help them find out what they need” can be important for them, Zach Nelson, a Mousebelt campus ambassador, and the founder of the University of Washington’s 800-member blockchain club started.

He also added that the industry is full of “fragmented knowledge” and that a comprehensive network of partnerships could reach new heights and contribute largely to bringing up a more-powerful crypto community.

Gili Ovadia, an alliance member, and the head of global business development for the Israeli blockchain platform, Orbs, also commented:

We can’t think of a better way to reach mass adoption than sharing our knowledge base directly with the next generation of students and universities around the world.

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