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  • President Bukele suggests set up a bank for Bitcoin investors June 17, 2024
    President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador has suggested the setting up of a privately operated bank for exclusively addressing the financial requirements of Bitcoin investors. The aim is to make it differ from the services rendered by normal banks.   According to the Ambassador to the US, Milena Mayorga, as a significant step towards their plans […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin mining could trigger a bull run for BTC June 17, 2024
    Bitcoin ($BTC) is driven by several factors. It includes the decision of the Federal Reserve to cut rates, risk appetite of investors, Halving, and ETF offerings. One factor that has majorly remained hidden in the flood of headlines is Bitcoin mining. The community speculates that it could help pull the price of the flagship crypto […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Fidelity’s Spot Bitcoin ETF sees second largest outflow June 14, 2024
    Of late, 11 US spot Bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) witnessed net outflows amounting to $226.21, an enormous figure by any count.  In the case of Fidelity’s FBTC, it experienced reaching the figure of $106 million, its second-highest figure, in terms of net outflow. Grayscale mentioned the amount to the tune of $62 million, whereas, […]
    David Cox
  • Bitcoin backs Congressman’s bill to abolish the Federal Reserve June 14, 2024
    The Federal Reserve is under the radar – this time it has been ignited by Toman Massie, a US Congressman from Kentucky. He has presented the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act to remove its economic authority. The move is inspired by a Bitcoin audiobook titled The Bitcoin Standard. Authored by Saifedean Ammous, it first briefly […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin whales stir markets as prices swing around $70K June 13, 2024
    In such a turbulent week for the global cryptocurrency market, there was a brief moment when Bitcoin (BTC) tried to rise above the $70K level. This was due to a lower-than-expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) and some signals of falling inflation rates. However, after achieving such high levels, Bitcoin struggled to maintain such heights and […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • MicroStrategy announces sale of $500M convertible notes to buy Bitcoin June 13, 2024
    MicroStrategy, which has set a precedent for risk-taking in its Bitcoin investments, disclosed that it plans to offer $500 million convertible senior notes due in 2032. This unique service, aimed exclusively at qualified institutional investors, is another testament to the company’s solid commitment to integrating Bitcoin into its operations. The notes that represent the unsecured […]
    Harsh Chauhan
  • Bitfarms deploys “Poison Pill” to block Riot Platforms takeover June 13, 2024
    The Chief Executive Officer of Riot Platforms, Jason Les, has criticized Bitfarms’ move to block share purchases. Bitfarms has said it is potentially a hostile takeover, while Riot has defended its move by saying that its poison pill plan falls outside the traditional business norms. The exchange of such communication began when Bitfarms announced its […]
    Harsh Chauhan
  • Bitcoin market shows resilience despite miner capitulation June 13, 2024
    Bitcoin Halving happened a couple of months ago. It reduced the supply of Bitcoin ($BTC). Thereby making the token expensive for the community and reducing mining requirements for miners. Also, the Halving event slashed rewards for miners to bring down their profitability. This led to miner capitulation, which is now credited as one of the […]
    Harsh Chauhan
  • Massive increase in US spot Bitcoin ETF outflow June 12, 2024
    The American spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds scored gross outflows of $200 million yesterday. The new development happens when two key economic events from the US are anticipated: the FOMC conference and the consumer price announcement. There has been a remarkable increase in US Spot Bitcoin ETF Outflow, followed by a net outflow of Ark Invest, […]
    David Cox

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