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  • Bitcoin at $16K: Will BTC turn long-term bearish? November 28, 2022
    Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with a wide range of use cases. Many crypto enthusiasts regard it as a market leader because rally shown in 2020-21. Since the beginning of this year, 2022, it has been in a downtrend, and still, it is continuing its negative sentiment even in November. At the time of […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Bitcoin regains the $16k mark: Will BTC continue the recovery? November 23, 2022
    Bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency that runs on a Proof of Work consensus. After the FTX liquidity crisis, investors started questioning the sustainability of decentralized crypto networks, especially small and mid-caps, because it is not regulated by any central authority. Loss of value means loss of hard-earned money of crypto enthusiasts. Many of them still […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • Bitcoin close to the $16k mark: Will BTC test $10k? November 21, 2022
    Bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency, but due to the FTX liquidity crisis, BTC price has broken the strong support of $19K. Now it is trading at $16,001, around the lower range of the Bollinger Bands. Most other technical indicators are bearish, suggesting it will consolidate within a range of $18K and $15K, at least for […]
    Roxanne Williams
  • Bitcoin Losses Continue after Binance Quits FTX Deal November 10, 2022
    After a sudden turmoil in the FTX exchange, crypto enthusiasts thought Binance would come to the rescue, but Binance officials have announced that it is beyond their control.  Binance exchange can’t support FTX customers to provide liquidity on the platform. As a result, the crypto market has been reacting negatively. Bitcoin is forming a green […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin continues to decline; Is it worth buying in 2022? November 8, 2022
    Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency based on the market cap with a hard cap on coin circulation, which makes it one of the most popular digital assets in the world. From the USA to Australia, crypto enthusiasts love to treat it as an asset. Still, after Ethereum’s Merge upgrade, many people suspect its sustainability for […]
    David Cox
  • Vitalik Buterin’s ethereum and BudBlockz are going to outperform bitcoin in 2023 October 31, 2022
    The primary objective of decentralized finance, often known as DeFi, is to facilitate the acquisition, exchange, and trading of digital assets. However, this isn’t particularly appealing in its current state, and there are moments when it needs to be simplified for regular users. Investors in cryptocurrencies are looking for alternatives to the current lousy market […]
    Mark Peterson
  • Whales’ fluctuating interest pushes crypto into a state of flux October 31, 2022
    Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have decreased their price in the crypto world. It is observed that since 2021, the crypto whales have been dumping their Bitcoin holdings. According to analysts, crypto whales are dumping Bitcoin, whereas retail investors are grabbing BTC tokens. Nothing is hidden from the fact that Whales and large institutional holders […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Bitcoin gains 6% in a week; Is it a dead cat bounce? October 28, 2022
    The price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin have shot up in the last few days because of positive sentiment regarding Elon Musk buying the Twitter stake. Bitcoin has seen an outflow in the last few months, and many retail investors are also worried about the Proof of Work consensus, especially after the Merge upgrade on […]
    David Cox
  • Will Bitcoin (BTC) break the crucial support of $18K? October 20, 2022
    Bitcoin is one of the most popular decentralized cryptocurrencies in the world. After its popularity, it has been facing issues with scalability and a low TPM rate, which impact the price of the BTC. Besides that, Ethereum’s Merge upgrade influenced the price of BTC because Bitcoin is currently running on Proof of Work consensus, where […]
    Scott Cook

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