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  • Bitcoin Aces the Market as It Hits $9,400 in Past 24 Hours January 29, 2020
    Bitcoin is currently trading true to its position as it takes a bullish leap at $9,263.64 on Coinbase. The price trend of Bitcoin against the US Dollar is showing an upward channel since the start of the year. The ongoing month has turned out to be dramatically awesome for the intraday investors in Bitcoin. The […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • BTC Takes a Step Towards Goal Achievement as it Trades Above $9k January 28, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time of writing this analysis, was trading at $9,092.86 on Bitstamp Impressively, BTC holds a Bull Run projecting trend in the near-term as it hits above 50.0% Fib retracement area and trades above $9,000 for the second time before this month ends Although, the coin is yet to hit above the previously […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • BTC Holds Strong Possibility of a Bullish Breakout in the Near-term January 27, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time of writing this analysis, was trading at $8,647.05 on Bitstamp, seems to be preparing for another consistent higher high trend BTC/USD retains imminent support from the daily moving and hourly moving averages as it hits above $8,500 after testing supports around $8,200 and $8,300 in the past week BTC price impressively […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Bitcoin Projects a Trend Revision as it Trades Around $8.3k January 25, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time of writing this analysis, was trading at $8,302.80 on Coinbase The current trading price loses short and long-term support from the daily moving averages The BTC/USD price trend fall below 61.80% Fib Retracement Level as it approaches to form the right shoulder around the trading price of $7,300 The immediate support […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Bitcoin Breaks the Bull Session as it Tests Support at $8,200 January 24, 2020
    Bitcoin (BTC), at the time of writing, was trading at $8,261.99 on Coinbase The coin has been giving consecutive highs and took a leap above $9,000 after a persistent trade above $8,000 The current price is not supported by any of the daily MAs at present Lacks pace to have a constant trade above $9,000 […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Bitcoin Will Have a Great 2020, Says Tom Lee January 24, 2020
    The Bitcoin market has been, more or less, a disappointment for the last two years. While we saw a disastrous fall from around $20,000 in December 2017 to below $4,000 in December 2018, the markets required just a little bit and remained stagnant throughout 2019. However, in the words of Fundstrat co-founder Tom Lee, 2020 […]
    David Cox
  • Peter Schiff Accepts Mistake; Warns Bitcoin Supporters January 23, 2020
    Peter Schiff, the gold bug, has released another official statement in which he has accepted his mistake for not being cautious towards the security of his bitcoin wallet password which eventually resulted in losing his valuable digital assets. My #Bitcoin mystery is solved. I mistook my pin for my password. When Blockchain updated their app […]
    Trevor Holman
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Exhibits Stability; Holds the Value around $8700 January 22, 2020
    Bitcoin seems to have retained the moderate bullish trend It may soon touch $8819 as its next resistance with a moderate volatility Bitcoin has maintained its price near $8700 mark from yesterday. Though it has been through a few ups and downs, there has been a 0.90% increment in the value in this period. It […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Peter Schiff Loses Bitcoin Wallet Access; Questions Bitcoin Security January 20, 2020
    Peter Schiff, the well-known economist, financial broker, and gold bug, took the crypto community in a blow by announcing that he has lost access to his Bitcoin wallet making his BTC assets shockingly worthless. On January 19, 2020, through his official Twitter handle, Peter affirmed that his crypto password has become invalid and all his […]
    Scott Cook

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