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  • Bitcoin (BTC) Nosedives Around $6k; Major Support Lies at $5.8k March 28, 2020
    Bitcoin experienced the most anticipated fall as it retests around $6k and $6.1k after accumulating above $6.5k. Well, you would wonder, how was this an anticipated fall of BTC. Aligning the analysis done two days back, we were quite ready for a dip sooner or later as the coin experienced a “death crossover,” and it […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Turns Flat Above $6.5k; A Massive Price Change Expected March 27, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time of writing this analysis, continued to trade above $6.5k at $6,650.93 along with the price accumulation above 50.0% Fib Retracement level. Amidst the global crisis, the BTC price trend has drawn a high at $9,200, low at $3,800, and relief support at $6,500. Analyzing the 4-hourly movement of Bitcoin against the […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Continues to Confuse; Will It Experience Bulls or Bears? March 26, 2020
    Bitcoin Price News: Bitcoin continues to trade above $6k and $6.5k for the 5th day now, and we are likely to draw a week full of bullish crossover if it does not nosedive any sooner. However, even if BTC maintains a winning streak, it is drawing a controversial picture overall. In less than 30 days, […]
  • Infusion of Liquidity by US Federal Reserve: Impact on Value of Bitcoin and Gold March 26, 2020
    The devastating impact of coronavirus is glaringly obvious not only the social fabric but also on the global economic system. The highly contagious disease has brought the world to its knees and governments and federal institutions are leaving no stone unturned to support their economies to avoid global meltdown kind of a situation that the […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Trades Above $6k Yet Draws a Complex Picture March 25, 2020
    Bitcoin price has been trading above $6k for the 4th day straight and has even hit as high as $6.9k on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. However, the cumulative price trend of BTC shows a similar kind of bear market entry that happened in 2018, leading to unprecedented weekly highs and lows. On the other side, […]
  • Bitcoin Halving and COVID-19: Impact on the Value of Bitcoin March 25, 2020
    We are fast approaching the event of Bitcoin halving and the turbulence in the economic system created by the coronavirus is bound to have implications for the world’s economy. The various sectors of the economy are reeling under the heat of the COVID-19 and this has led to the many investors panic under the possibility […]
  • Bitcoin Likely to Turn Up as a Safe Haven Amidst Global Crisis March 24, 2020
    Bitcoin, at the time writing, was trading around $6,600 after retreating by $1000 since yesterday, until the time of writing BTC has regained support from the daily Moving Averages as we see steady intermittent uptrends over the past 10 days Impressively, the Bitcoin price trend has been moving in a certain range after it bottomed […]
  • Bitcoin Marks 9% Gain; Crosses Above $6k for 3rd Time in 7 days March 23, 2020
    And what really happened while you just blinked your eye? Bitcoin was crumbling in red during the Asian market trading hours, and while we near the end of the trading day, the latter have breached irresistible lows, while the former just formed a green trading candlestick above $6k. Impressively, BTC price has spiked above $6k […]
  • Bitcoin is in Worst Dip: Is it the Right Time to Buy? March 21, 2020
    Disasters, Pandemics or any sort of disturbance to our normal lives seem to have been developing negative shades to price inflation especially in the stock market and currency exchanges. This is mainly because the operations are hindered due to the unusual disturbance causing a huge dip in the price exchanges in the market. That is […]

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