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  • How Long Will Bitcoin (BTC) Take to Hit a Fresh All-Time-High? June 5, 2020
    Bitcoin has been on a binge-watching spree irrespective of the intermittent price crash because of an increasing number of adopters and investors after 2017 ATH. Moreover, 2020 is the 3rd Bitcoin halving (3rd BTC Halving happened on May 11, 2020) year, which was another hype to persuade even the more investors with a view of […]
  • Bitcoin Prices in Post COVID-19 Era June 4, 2020
    Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around the globe. It is one of the first digital coins which have taken the world by storm. Its popularity can be easily estimated from the fact that in December 2017, Bitcoin rose to a value of around $20,000. Many people hailed that time as the start […]
  • Bitcoin is NOT DEAD; It is Just Another Day in Crypto!! June 3, 2020
    Bitcoin reversed its bullish streak and just formed the other leg of the table on the intraday chart as it lost 8% in just minutes from trading around $10,100 to a candlewick dip around $9.2k on Coinbase. Important to note that as and when BTC price has breached above $10k in the ongoing year until […]
  • Bitcoin Hits Above $10k and Appears Strongly Bullish in the Intraday June 2, 2020
    Bitcoin price hits above $10k yesterday, just at the onset of the month after an almost flattish trend in the previous month. Moreover, the currency in the previous month was trading on a mixed note and had breached above $10k briefly in the first week of the previous month. Just when the price of BTC […]
  • BitcoinPoS Helps Resolve Issues Related to Centralization of Bitcoin Network May 29, 2020
    The world of cryptocurrencies is highly dynamic in nature and so requires constant efforts from firms to keep the customers hooked to their platforms. One such prominent developmental change introduced in the crypto arena is the pedagogy of ‘Bitcoin Proof of Stake’ (PoS) consensus. The concept brings together the expertise of the Bitcoin blockchain and […]
  • Post Bitcoin Halving Challenges For The Bitcoin Network May 27, 2020
    The Bitcoin halving event, which takes place every four years, is the very core of the value and price of Bitcoin. This event limits the supply of Bitcoin and thereby maintains the tradable nature of the cryptocurrency asset. Bitcoin halving is an important part of the incentive system of Bitcoin’s protocol. The halving triggers a […]
  • Some Effective Ways to Help you Predict Bitcoin Price Accurately May 23, 2020
    In the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is what a monarch is to his territory, the unprecedented ruler. Referred to as the pioneer of virtual currencies, Bitcoin came into existence in 2009 when the global economy was in shatters, and recession had damaged the entire financial space severely. Ever since its inception, Bitcoin has been the […]
  • Should you invest in Bitcoin or stick to traditional bank stock investment? May 23, 2020
    There has been an unprecedented rise in the price of Bitcoin, tempting thousands of investors across the world to invest in the most popular cryptocurrency asset. But the question is, what with the price fluctuations, security issues, and other such factors, is it a prudent move to invest in Bitcoin? Time has always witnessed the […]
  • Bitcoin (BTC): Investors Prefer to ‘HODL’; Experts Fear a Trend Reversal Near $9k May 23, 2020
    This year seems to be a legit patience-test for all the investors out there, no matter where they have invested. Market bulls are enduring all the pressure present in the space while they keep proving their strength with each rebound. Despite that, bearish shadows are not leaving the market, and this prolonged chaos is causing […]

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