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The Poolz Ventures Decides to Invest in a New NFT Gaming Project

The Poolz Ventures Decides to Invest in a New NFT Gaming Project

The Poolz ventures set up by Poolz have actively been participating in investing in innovative and new ideas and projects. It has been looking for projects that have the capability of pushing the boundaries of the NFTs gaming and the metaverse. With careful analysis and study, the Poolz venture was able to find its next big investment project. It recently announced that Poolz Ventures will make its next big investment in the World of Defish. The world of Defish is NFT based gaming ecosystem that is decentralized. The World of Defish has been built on a very highly scalable Binance smart chain Blockchain.

Even though the World of Defish entered into the market with a small capital of $364000, it surely has shown huge potential. The world of Defish offers the players an immersive and thrilling experience of going for a hunt virtually to discover the most exotic kinds of fishes, which are NFTs registered at the BSC Blockchain simultaneously. 

The world of Defish offers a vast ecosystem where the players can use their master skills and get hold of unique fishing gears to be able to maximize their chances of catching a fish by a certain percentage. This can help the players earn a better reward as they continue forward in the game. 

The potential project has already been able to garner the attention of many renowned advisors like Orion M. Depp, who is a part of the Master Ventures, and Sophia, who has been a former CEO of the Mochilab and as well the founder at the M36 Capital. The world of Defish has also integrated with DareNFT and DeSpace for other big projects.

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