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What Are The Steps To Create An Algorithmic Trading Bot?

What Are The Steps To Create An Algorithmic Trading Bot

Trading with cryptocurrency is a great option to consider for investment and great returns. Such traders and experienced traders who can’t allocate time for trading every day can use algorithmic trading bots. Algorithmic trading is a method of organizing cryptocurrency trading bots on the internet that includes buying and selling trading bots with cryptocurrency on a rules-based platform online for executing the best strategies necessary for successful trading, and the Algorithmic Trading Bot option allows traders to easily pre-program their trading strategies for the coming days.

Though algorithmic trading might seem like an easy way to earn a substantial income, there are also some things to consider. Algorithmic trading, as a man-made technology, has both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Algorithmic Trading Bots

Algorithmic trading is typically associated with trade automation and is ideal for trading and keeping track of daily transactions for large volumes of crypto trading bots. However, using algorithmic trading, the total trading volume is reduced by up to 10%. Algorithmic trading typically makes liquidating online crypto bot trading more efficient. Algorithmic trading bots work quickly and easily for investors of any level (beginner, intermediate, and expert) to easily keep track of their exchanges.

Disadvantages of Algorithmic Trading Bots

The speed of algorithmic trading bots, normally considered a great advantage for investing in them without worries, might become a problem if multiple trading orders are made simultaneously. Anything might change without the supervision of a human.

Also, some other facts might be considered that might be disadvantages of algorithmic trading bots, like the automation of trading and maintaining liquidity. Due to automating buying and selling, there are risks of losing almost every penny that was supposed to be acting as a liquidated amount.

Stages to Build an Algorithmic Trading Bot

However, creating an account on a safe and secure website is necessary to manage the best crypto trading bots. However, this can also make it easier to monitor day-to-day transactions and control how many transactions can or cannot be made despite the prices dropping and skyrocketing.

Stage 1: Create Google

Two types of services are available for creating an account in GCP. One of the services can be used only by new users and is a free trial option with a $300 welcome bonus that will be credited to the account. The second type of service is automating the process, also known as leverage, which will reduce the time and effort of the trading process. The “Free Trial” can be activated by clicking on the “Activate” option in the top right corner of the page. After activating the account, the user has to fill out all the necessary information and select “New Project,” naming the new project for future use.

Stage 2: Create Python Script

The next most crucial step is to create a Python script to which the API created by the user has to be attached, send notification via email, and also provide an example of how the trading logic has to be built. Users should also remember that only one function must be created, which will be used for Google Cloud later.

Stage 3: Connect API

To connect the APIs, one must use the platform. The API Keys are easily accessed via the Alpaca Dashboard, which is seen in the web page’s top right corner, and a secret key is available below the API Key. Users should import the OS and alpaca_trade_api packages. However, this is used to connect to the type of trading the user is willing to engage in, either live trading or paper trading. Users should place the API Key ID in the following code: APCA_API_KEY_ID and place the secret key in the APCA_API_SECRET_KEY_ID code. After this process, the variables will check the server to know if the key provided is genuine. Once the process is done, the user can move on to the next step.

Stage 4: Create a new email account and add email notification functionality to the Python function

Creating a new email and adding the notification functionality to the Python function is necessary so the trader can get immediate notifications regarding any changes, trading, or activity happening in the Python function (algorithmic trading) once they are away.

Step 5: Build a trading strategy into the script

Once the portfolio variable verifies the user’s current position, which is crucial to the trading algorithm logic, the clock variable allows users to determine whether or not the market is open quickly. If it isn’t, the user will receive an email informing them that “The Market is Closed.” This script execution can be stored in the cloud, saving computing time and money.

Step 6: Create a Google Cloud Function

After creating the function, the following are done:

  • Naming the function.
  • Keeping all of the default settings but changing the runtime to Python 3.7.
  • Pasting the Python script produced in, including the function name, into the execute box.

The final step is to include the required packages in the requirements.txt file. However, this tells the cloud which packages are required for the Python script to run. Finally, the function is deployed.

Step 7: Create a Google Scheduler Job

At last, the Google Scheduler job has to be done. For that, click “Google Scheduler” under the Tools option on the left panel. They can set a timing frequency for weekdays and weekends. The URL of the cloud function is entered here. The software is launched by selecting “Run Now.” An email will be delivered to the trader’s inbox if it succeeds.


Among other crypto trading bots, the algorithmic trading bot is regarded as one of the most dependable and quick platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. Though the algorithmic trading process is automated and provides greater speed for large-volume projects, checking on trading transactions by checking email notifications and visiting the API account is recommended.

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