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Winning Strategies of Bitcoin Roulette

Winning Strategies of Bitcoin Roulette

Overview of Bitcoin Roulette

Roulette is the game of probability that has been at the peak of its popularity since the 18th century. With the advent of the internet and modern-day technologies, the traditional game managed to escape the confines of the brick-and-mortar casinos and have entered into many households where the players can enjoy the game from a cozy corner of their homes. 

With cryptocurrencies entering the iGaming industry with full pomp and show, bitcoin roulette games have become much more easily accessible to gaming enthusiasts.

Rules and Strategies in Bitcoin Roulette to Win Big!

We have provided some time-tested strategies that can only add to the probability of winning the game but cannot guarantee a win. The outcome depends on the difficulty of the game variants chosen by players. The bankroll of the player would define their affordability to lose, and the most important factor which is the experience of the player.

Martingale Strategy

The strategy advises players to bet consistently with a specific number of bitcoins and stake on even bets when they are winning the game, but they should immediately double their stakes if they lose. This strategy lets the players return to their default amount when they win the bet succeeded by any loss.

Reverse Martingale Strategy or the Paroli Strategy

As the name suggests this is exactly the opposite of the previous strategy. Here, instead of doubling the bet at every loss, the players do so when they win.

D’Alembert Strategy

The system was propounded by the renowned French mathematician D’Alembert, after whose name the strategy was coined. This system employs the same principle as the Martingale strategy, where players increase their stake when they lose but decrease it when they win. This strategy allows the players to increase or reduce a stake by only one unit,  which is the least bet that a player can place.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci system recommends players to move through the Fibonacci sequence after a loss. Here, the bet amount placed by players remains constant but when a player loses any bet, their next bet becomes the sum total of the preceding 2 bets. Once they win, they get back by 2 places on the sequence.

James Bond Strategy

This strategy allows players to bet like the legendary James Bond character. Here, the rule is, 70% of the total stake should cover high numbers ranging between 19 to 36. About 25% of the total stake should cover numbers from 13 to 18. The remaining 5% of the total stakes should represent zero.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Roulette

Playing Bitcoin Roulette has the following Pros and Cons:


  • Players can play their best bitcoin roulette games anonymously, without sharing their personal details with the casino.
  • Banking fees and commissions are waived in an online bitcoin roulette casino due to the absence of any central financial authority.
  • Bitcoin casinos are safe and also provide a long list of provably fair games.
  • Bitcoin transactions are faster, and players are not required to wait for a long time to withdraw their winnings.


  • Cryptocurrency transactions are volatile and can change drastically within a short time.
  • Cryptocurrency gambling is subject to speculations as the legal status of crypto gambling is still undefined.

Key Facts on Bitcoin Roulette Legality

Cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of the iGaming industry. With the drastic boom in the industry, there has always been constant speculation as to the legality of cryptocurrency gambling.  With individual countries developing their own terms and conditions as to the crypto gambling legislation, there has not been any concrete global strategy so far that can be adhered to by all the countries worldwide. In such a scenario, the legal status of cryptocurrency gambling is not defined, which puts the players in a situation of dilemma. The only way to stay safe is to find a licensed casino website that can ensure that its operations are controlled by an international regulatory body.

What Will the Future Bring for Bitcoin Roulette?

Though most of the countries have still not accepted cryptocurrencies as real currencies, the perspectives of the governments are changing gradually, given the plethora of benefits that cryptocurrencies are bringing to the global economy. Countries are coming forward to discuss the benefits of cryptocurrency gambling and other blockchain services, which indicates that the legislation surrounding bitcoin roulette will evolve at a faster pace in the next few years.

Wrapping Up

Playing the roulette game is one of the most entertaining things to do in a casino. Playing bitcoin roulette accentuates the thrill of the game with the convenience of swift payments and the huge variety of provably fair games.

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