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XMINE to Integrate Chainlink VRF for Lucky Draw

XMINE to Integrate Chainlink VRF for Lucky Draw

XMINE recently announced an integration with Chainlink VRF functionality on the BSC mainnet. The integration will allow XMINE to conduct a fair reward distribution in its Lucky Draw Game RNG. The industry-leading oracle network will help XMINE access an auditable and tamper-proof of randomness required for a fair winner selection in its Lucky Draw. 

Despite the recent release of XMINE during Crypto Expo Dubai, XMINE has quickly become one of the most well-known DeFi ventures. That’s why the integration is bound to boost Chainlink’s popularity as well. Chainlink has been making headlines recently, with the increasing number of integrations and partnerships. Experts say that this could potentially lead to an increase in the value of LINK in the future. Check out this LINK price prediction to learn more about the future of LINK.

XMINE will gain the ability to enable a transparent and exciting user experience since customers can play their lucky draw game with the assurance of a random winner generator. Xhas, the self-sustaining token, is backed by ASIC mining machines, making it a robust choice for users.

Xhash holders get rewards from mining machine-prepared pools, so rewards constantly grow based on the machines’ number. The DeFi lending and staking platform also aims to prepare an NFT game and marketplace on the platform. XMINE needed a safe RNG (random number generator) that any player could independently audit to build a transparent and random winner selection procedure for lucky draw games.

However, given the security considerations needed to integrate RNG solutions for smart contracts, XMINE cannot choose any oracle network. That is why the DeFi venture chose Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to secure the operations. The VRF operates by merging block data that is unknown since when the request is built, it generates both a cryptographic proof and random number.

Given the reliability Chainlink provides, XMINE is certain to gain trust among more users. At the same time, it will help Chainlink increase its footprints as well.

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