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Bitcoins Now Available for Buying with Your Credit Cards on Coinitix

Bitcoins Now Available for Buying with Your Credit Cards on Coinitix

The cryptocurrency investment option has become like a seed burgeoning in this fast-paced competitive market. Regardless of the global crisis, the crypto market has managed to grow strongly and has gained the attention of the traditional as well as the institutional investors. Now, even the MNCs and the banks as well have set up new blockchain & crypto-based investment arms to diversify their portfolios.

It could be seen through research that traditional investors are becoming more aggressive towards this investment option as they have started investing in this area and also started building incubators for blockchain projects in their Financial system. After Pandemic, the new normal world market is rapidly moving towards buying and selling Bitcoins or Altcoins, as they seek it as an additional source of income.

Different modes of buying Bitcoin

Trading in Bitcoins or for that matter in any other Altcoins is quite a simple process. The investor has to first and foremost open a Digital Wallet or Bitcoin Wallet in order to conduct trading transactions on the bitcoin’s network. The next step after this is when the investors are ready with a bitcoin wallet, then they can use it to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from different podiums such as Cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin Voucher Cards, Peer-to-Peer trading. Before opting for a Bitcoin wallet, it is necessary to know about the wallet’s security aspects. One such option is to try an anonymous BTC wallet so that you can keep buying and selling currencies without any fear of loss of your information.

Further, after deciding where to buy the bitcoins from, the investors need to decide upon the payment method. There are few sets of standard or traditional methods of payment to buy bitcoin such as cash, bank transfers, debit/credit cards, or PayPal. The availability of these payment methods is subject to the area of jurisdiction and exchange chosen for the buying and selling of digital currency.

All these above-mentioned payment methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Overviewing the pros & cons of these payment methods states that Bank transfers are sluggish in comparison to other options, while credit/debit cards have higher transaction fees, and on the other hand, PayPal has limitations in terms of transaction, while cash does not give the best exchange rates in return.

Credit Card as a Bitcoin buying Option

Amongst all these above-mentioned modes of payment, Credit Card is currently the most mushrooming mode. As now, with advancement in technology, restructuring the company’s platforms, it is becoming much easier for them to buy Bitcoin with credit cards. Also the anti-fraud companies have reduced the problem of chargeback thus letting more and more digital trading exchanges with the ability to offer this mode of payment.

Trading bitcoins with Credit Cards has its own positives and negatives. Precisely to look more into it, on one side the Credit Card payment mode has pros such as:

  • Easy & straightforward payment option.
  • One can buy cryptocurrencies even when they do not have sufficient cash or bank balance.
  • Investors do not have to go through other third-party websites for payment.
  • There are rewards and benefits that come with spending money through credit cards.

On the other hand, the investors should also take into consideration these few cons of this payment mode such as:

  • One might overspend by crossing the credit limit.
  • There is security breach risk of one’s credit card information being stolen if not used on a trustworthy exchange platform.
  • there are higher transaction fees.

Contemplating as well as after evaluating the parameters, pros & cons of Credit Card payment mode as mentioned above, the solution to the same is a reliable and trustworthy cryptocurrencies trading platform. Through which the investors can do hassle-free buying and selling of the cryptocurrencies. Recently, there are a lot of such platforms coming up in the investment market. However, the specific answer for the above problem is one such trading platform called “”.

Coinitix Overview

Coinitix is one of the amongst highly technologically advanced and secured exchange platforms for bitcoin traders or investors. Coinitix is an innovative and fully automated online web-based platform. They have a very streamlined and abridged registration and verification process for purchasing and selling of Bitcoin. Coinitix is fully regulated and licensed platform powered, operated and all the transactions being regulated as well as governed by the laws of Estonia. It has a virtual currency service license from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Estonia under the laws of the Estonia Registry Code. It is one of the best platforms where you can buy BTC with your credit card with seamless experience. offers its users with excellent features and services like user-friendly interface, Credit card payment option, easy and quick registration and verification process, transparency in transactions, faster payouts facility, simple and fair commission structure for all types of transactions, 24/7 customer service support, transparent and competitive fee structure.

Coinitix has been flourishing since its inception, merely because of the features and services that it offers to its users or investors. All its distinct characteristics and interface attracts the users towards it. Thus, this platform is directly and indirectly as well as constructively supporting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in the digital investment market.

Ellan Hare

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