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  • How Facebook’s Libra Will Affect Other Cryptocurrencies Focused On Global Payments And Transfers? June 23, 2019
    Facebook is by far the most significant social network, with its user base running in a couple of billions, and a presence in almost every country on this planet. Understandably, the giant entering the cryptocurrency space has made regulators across the globe worried and protest against it. However, within the space, it’s totally a different […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • US Fed Policies Might Help Bitcoin (BTC) To Reach New High June 23, 2019
    Some of the recent economic situations around the world are proving to be beneficial for Bitcoin. Prominent among these phenomena is the announcement by the chairman of US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, who indicated on June 19 that Fed would be maintaining interest rate in the target range of 2.25-2.5%. The revelation has come as […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: Bitcoin Walks With Healthy Momentum, Ethereum (ETH) Follows BTC June 23, 2019
    Bitcoin (BTC) touched $11,000 on the chart yesterday. The digit was unimaginable a month ago, but the at everyone’s surprise BTC has achieved the double-digit counter. The super hike in Bitcoin has not left the market untouched. Many coins are reacting in the same pattern as the BTC. Ethereum (ETH) is also one of the […]
    Ruti Vora
  • Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Ripple (XRP) Follows Bitcoin (BTC) Surge Trend To Reach The $0.50 Mark June 23, 2019
    Ripple’s future plans may result in XRP’s growth trajectory from now onwards Bitcoin may cross $11,000 once again and float above it for more days Both Ripple and Bitcoin are built to reshape the financial transactions and the currencies are largely being adopted by global organizations to ease the money transfer process. This will result […]
    Scott Cook
  • Bitcoin’s Good Fortune Gives Six Price Shocks In Four Hours June 23, 2019
    Bitcoin (BTC) shows huge price variations in the last 4 hours. The closing price for the day is likely to be around 10,800 USD. The king of all crypto coins and the oldest of them all, Bitcoin (BTC) is on fire in the recent days. The unprecedented steep hikes and fall in the price have […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Crosses $10,000- It’s a Gatecrash or an Invitation? June 23, 2019
    Bitcoin (BTC) crossed 10,000 USD, even touched 11,000 USD for a while. The target price for year’s end should be revised to being 15,000 USD from 12,000 USD. The king of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) has finally shut all the mouths that have been speaking against it. After a short yet dark phase of fall […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin (BTC) rises above $11,000 since April 2018, next target $11,500 June 22, 2019
    Bitcoin (BTC) hovers above $11,000. The price was attainted in April 2018, and it took more than a year to break the price. The investors are now eyeing towards $11,500. We are expecting the price to cross the same in tomorrow’s chart. The current upsurge seems to have legs for some time. The marketers have […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Ethereum Vs. Bitcoin: Ethereum (ETH) Follows Surge As Bitcoin (BTC) Rises Above $10,500 June 22, 2019
    Ethereum trades above $300 paving the way for huge investments. Bitcoin raises the stakes by trading above $10,500; traders now want more. The world’s topmost currency has again gone bullish way by trading above $10,500, and it has resulted in most of the coins follow the surge. ETH is no behind, and it has also […]
    Mehak Punjabi
  • Ripple vs Bitcoin: BTC Shoots Up Above $10,000; XRP Surges Over $0.45 June 22, 2019
    Bitcoin has smashed its 15-month high record and has topped the $10,000 price mark. BTC crossing the remarkable price seems to have impacted the crypto market to quite a level. Presumably, due to this, XRP has shown a notable price increase over a day. Yesterday, the coin which was making efforts to cross $0.43 is […]
    Ruti Vora

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