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Christopher Walter

Christopher Walter is a senior journalist at He expertises in bitcoin mining. He has keen interest in reading cryptocurrency trading. He is also a cryptocurrency blogger.

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MEW Mobile Wallet App Advances ETH Scalability Profits

MEW Mobile Wallet App Advances ETH Scalability Profits

On July 28, 2021, the cryptocurrency authorized mobile wallet application MyEtherWallet (MEW) introduced Binance and Polygon blockchain networks into their market transactions. The two newly launched FinTech networks are the most eminent capacities for Ethereum (ETH) scalability proceeds. This will be a remarkable addition to its conformities for the crypto…

How to Get Bitcoin Anonymously

How to Get Bitcoin Anonymously?

Introduction Unlike the conventional Fiat currency, transactions with Bitcoin are largely anonymous as no third party is involved in the transaction process. However, Bitcoin transactions are not entirely anonymous as one can track the origin of the Bitcoin involved in the particular transaction on an open ledger mechanism. Still, compared…

Bitcoin's Transactional Properties

A Detailed Guide to Understanding Bitcoin’s Transactional Properties

Introduction Ever since Bitcoin got introduced in the financial market in 2008, it has steadily increased in value due to several characteristics. Transaction in Bitcoin usually requires no intermediary personnel or the liability to pay taxation charges on the amount transacted. Furthermore, the decentralized nature of transactions makes it possible…