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Rising popularity of cryptocurrency: How to pay with Bitcoin

Rising popularity of cryptocurrency How to pay with Bitcoin

In the last few years, cryptocurrency, which is digital or virtual money, has gained widespread popularity. This currency is independent of a central bank and is protected through encryption. Out of many cryptocurrencies that exist, Bitcoin remains one of the most popular forms of digital currency today. Decentralization and potential obscurity have thus far drawn more people to use it globally. 

In the following article, we will look at why Bitcoin has become so popular recently as a means of exchange in an era characterized by e-commerce.

Where to pay with Bitcoins

Many firms worldwide currently accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies as payment. The use of cryptocurrencies by small businesses and huge corporations has become quite common. These include Microsoft,, and Shopify. Customers can buy various products using Bitcoin in these companies, thus expanding the usefulness and acceptance of digital currency in daily transactions.

The adoption of Bitcoin payments by some sectors, which include retailing, hospitality, and online services, is discussed in this paper. Retailers like Starbucks and Whole Foods allow their clients to pay for goods through Bitcoins, which they have electronic wallets. Hotels and travel agents now allow customers to book their flights or accommodations using Bitcoin. Besides, online service providers such as WordPress and Namecheap enable individuals to purchase domain registration or website hosting with bitcoins.

Due to its advantages, Bitcoin is frequently utilized in various industries, particularly online gambling. The anonymity, speed of transactions, and borderless nature of Bitcoin payments make it a preferred choice for online gaming enthusiasts, offering enhanced privacy and convenience in their gambling activities.

One industry where Bitcoin is commonly used is online gambling. Bitcoin has several benefits that make it attractive to players, including anonymity, fast transaction speeds, and borderless payments. Many online casinos and betting platforms enable gamblers to play various games, including bitcoin blackjack, slots, and even poker, which are paid for through bitcoins only. The use of Bitcoin in online gambling tends to boost players’ confidentiality and security, enhancing its appeal for people who prefer playing games without revealing themselves openly.

How to pay for goods and services with Bitcoins

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Bitcoin for Everyday Purchases:

  • Come up with a Bitcoin wallet: Commence this by selecting a reliable wallet for these digital currencies that will save your cryptocurrencies safely. Different wallets are available, including hardware, software, and mobile wallets.
  • Get Bitcoin: Obtain Bitcoin by purchasing it from cryptocurrency exchanges or obtaining them through mining or other means.
  • Find Stores Accepting Bitcoin: Look around where you live, search online directories, or use Google Maps to find local merchants who accept Bitcoin as payment. Some websites have even listed such companies in their directories.
  • Make Payment: When making a purchase, select “Bitcoin” as your payment option and follow the instructions given by the seller. Usually, a QR code scan or copy-pasting of the Bitcoin address would do.
  • Confirm Transaction details: Confirm this once you make your payment and allow the transfer of Bitcoin from your wallet to the merchant’s account.
  • Complete Purchase: The merchant will then process your order after it has been confirmed on the blockchain network, and you can receive what you bought.

Reasons that make it challenging to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment

Bitcoin is fighting with fiat money to become the world’s universal means of payment. However, there are some challenges along the way. There are several factors that make it difficult to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Two of these are the quickness with which transactions are processed and the hefty fees. Stripe, one of the first global infrastructure networks to let its users to pay with Bitcoins in 2014, saw its business come to a halt due to delayed transactions. According to Stripe, the average transaction processing time in mid-2018 was one hour, with some payments being delayed by days. 

When the transaction was confirmed, the Bitcoin price had already varied significantly from the values at the time of payment, and users could no longer purchase things with the first cryptocurrency. Bitcoin transaction fees have declined dramatically during the previous two years. The average Bitcoin transaction fee peaked in 2017 at $54.90 and has since dropped a hundredfold to $0.53 per transaction in 2019.


To sum up, Bitcoin can be seen as a payment method with several advantages, such as being secure, accessible, and decentralized. However, it has challenges, such as volatility and regulatory uncertainty. Nonetheless, the future for Bitcoin as a payment method looks bright. This could lead to more innovation and growth in the digital currency market.

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