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Bspin Partners With Peer-to-peer Bitcoin Marketplace, Paxful

Bspin Partners With Peer-to-peer Bitcoin Marketplace, Paxful

The online crypto betting platform, Bspin, has recently announced its partnership with a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, Paxful. The collaboration aims at releasing a new, upgraded platform to allow seamless Bitcoin gambling.

Paxful, which usually functions as a global bitcoin trading platform, will now integrate Bspin Casino into its marketplace through its renowned payment solution system, Paxful Kiosk.

Paxful Kiosk, the integrated payment solution system, is one of Paxful’s most convenient and practical features that has gained fair popularity among its users. Bspin Casino will be using Paxful Kiosk to integrated its peer-to-peer marketplace, and as a result, provide a better online crypto betting platform for their existing and future users.

Paxful’s CEO and Co-founder, Ray Youssef, asserted,

We’re excited with this partnership as this is a chance to enter a new sector of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With this endeavor, we look forward to help add a level of trust and transparency to the crypto betting community.

The goal of this integration is to provide a truly exceptional and legitimate online gaming experience to all Bspin users. And the company plans to do so by offering an online crypto betting platform where interested players can play, buy, or use crypto most seamlessly. The new platform also ensures even more security entirely focused on players’ desires and needs. Bspin is also going to revamp the platforms betting software architecture, which will offer a faster and more seamless experience.

The Bspin team thinks,

Payment options have always been a crucial part of any gaming operation. Now, the ability to offer hundreds of different ways to fund your BTC wallet on Bspin with Paxful’s P2P marketplace will give global access to our players with a single integration.

Experts are hopeful about the fact that the unification of Paxful and Bspin will have positive impacts on the crypto community. It’s likely to usher in a new wave of confidence towards crypto-based online betting platforms and can be accessed by thousands of new Bspin players. Additionally, since Paxful’s merchants accept over 300 different types of payment, this partnership will also make it easier for players to acquire and make transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Paxful recently announced that the platform had surpassed as many as three million wallets, out of which 800,000 were added only this year. Over 45% of Paxful’s users are from Africa, where cryptocurrencies are not only expensive but also hard to buy. Sellers on Paxful bridges this gap as they often come from places like the U.S. or Europe, where it’s much easier to get cryptocurrencies.

Also, earlier this month, declared its partnership with a Canadian gambling site, Bravio. It lets players buy tickets for renowned lotteries, like Powerball or El Gordo, with BTC and BCH.

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