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Handy and KardiaChain Partner, Aim to Expand Their Ecosystems

Handy and KardiaChain Partner
Handy and KardiaChain Partner

Handy and KardiaChain have agreed to collaborate with the purpose of expanding their ecosystems. 

This is a strategic partnership between the two firms; Handy plans to promote its service offering ‘HandyPick’ in the Southeast Asian market with KardiaChain’s help. Handy’s latest service HandyPick is all set to be officially launched on December 24th, 2020.

KardiaChain is a blockchain project that originated in Vietnam; Its prime objective is to provide a non-invasive interoperable blockchain and hybrid blockchain solutions for enterprises and governments. 

The company is focussing on expanding its offering all across the world and promoting mass adoption of KardiaChain’s offerings starting from Vietnam. This is the reason KardiaChain has already partnered with other gigantic Vietnamese enterprises like Viettel (telecom enterprise), MaiLinh (largest taxi operator of Vietnam), Geleximco (Vietnamese real estate developer), Fleta, and many more.

KardiaChain aims to make its blockchain technology accessible for millions. There is an exclusive KAI membership, a flagship app available on Google Play for facilitating KAI transactions, gamification, and wealth management. KardiaChain’sKAIStarter is a DeFi platform for KAI holders. 

The Dual Node technology, KardiaChain’s unique technology for cross-chain activities, permits cross-chain communications without altering protocols for participating chains. Dual Node is capable of expediting the mass adoption of blockchain efficiently by eliminating the need to train the masses first.

Handy is a blockchain-based prediction game platform whose primary objective is to offer virtual assets to players. The game platform offers exciting content and rewards to its users. Users can also play prediction games and win plenty of prizes.

Handy is based upon the Fleta chain and is Felta’s first on-boarding DApp.

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