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Hyperledger Launches New Project: Hyperledger Avalon

Hyperledger Avalon
Hyperledger Avalon

Hyperledger has launched its new project called Hyperledger Avalon today. The project Avalon will allow calculations to be carried out without any direct supervision. It will help in boosting the computing procedure without impacting the privacy and help in maintaining the trust factor.  

Avalon has emerged as the Hyperledger’s execution of the Trusted Compute Specifications which was issued in the beginning of 2019 by Enterprise Ethereum Alliance also known as EEA. 

As of the now, the public blockchains are facing the biggest challenge of scalability which can be resolved with the help of trusted off-chain computation. However, the procedure may include some complexities. It has emerged a complicated procedure to discover a solution to take the computation off the blockchain and maintaining its security at the same time. 

Earlier, EEA’s unique spec had highlighted a strategy on how to carry it out with workers which may take the more complicated jobs off the blockchain. In a major breakthrough, now Hyperledger has issued Avalon which will be its own execution of the spec. It will include coded Worker for any kind of the blockchain stage. 

Avalon was created by many leading organizations which may include iExec, ConsenSys, Banco, Oraclize, Santander, Intel, and EEA as well. All these renowned organizations decided to work on the EEA’s spec while developing Avalon. Meanwhile, Hyperledger also decided to involve some new players as well including Alibaba, IBM, Cloud, and Baidu.  As per the statement of Hyperledger, the execution will allow safe and reliable progress of blockchain processing off the leading chain to committed reliable computing resources. 

And, these resources will be Avalon’s Worker which will be equipped with diverse types of various trustworthy computations alternatives. The alternatives may include Multi-party Computation or MPC, Trusted Execution Environments or TEE, and Zero-Knowledge Proofs or ZKP. 

As of now, the project will remain available for fresh trusted compute options till the moment the options ensure code integrity and data, it will continue to work with Avalon. It may emerge as a landmark initiative along with ledger independence in resolving the complex issue of scalability. 

Avalon may go on to become a new joint attempt between Hyperledger and Ethereum. Earlier, these two also went on to become members of the other’s firm in the year 2018. The last declared project of Hyperledger happened to be Ethereum client Besu. And, since then, EEA founder ConsenSys joined the community of Hyperledger.  

Prior to this, leading blockchain software firm Digital Asset decided to combine with the DAML, also known as the smart contract amalgamating with Hyperledger Sawtooth. According to reports, Digital Asset already began working with the members of Hyperledger BTP- Blockchain Technology Partners so that it may incorporate a unique Digital Asset Modeling Language also known as the DAML app in corporation with Sawtooth Hyperledger. Sawtooth Hyperledger has emerged as a leading platform to create, organize, and work on disseminated ledgers like blockchains. One can easily shift DAML app from one system to another one with complicated reviews.

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