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Is Tron (TRX) on the Way to Price Recovery?

Tron Price Analysis

Tron price trend since the previous three days presents the bearish dominance. It was priced at $0.014070 and dropped by almost 2% the next day. The highest trading price noticed was at $0.014208 on December 15, 2019, and there was a minor fall the same day. Despite the marginal fall, TRX coin was trading at almost the same pace. It was traded close to $0.014008 and $0.014117 over the next few days. December 16, 2019, proved to be a game-changer as there was a drastic fall with the coin dropping by 4.84% and reached $0.013260. While preparing this analysis, TRX was indicating an upward rise.

Tron NewsTron Price Prediction

TRX reflects a downtrend by 1% since yesterday’s trading price of $0.013586. The present trend indicates that TRX is shortly moving towards a rise and can reach close to $0.013654 tomorrow. After the end of the week, it can get traded at $0.014128.

You can purchase Tron coins today or even hold the existing coins. $0.01325402 and $0.01337135 is the range of trading. TRX price comparison for the past three days presents the bearish dominance. The performance of the currency has been quite good from December 14, 2019, until December 16, 2019, when it was able to maintain consistent performance and hence, it may show price recovery in the near term.

Jonathan Murphy

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