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Prixbit, Korean Crypto Exchange Shuts Down Over Financial Difficulties


According to a report submitted by the local press, posted on a website talked about Prixbit, which cease the operations.

“Due to negative internal and external influences, management difficulties could not be overcome and the normal operation became impossible,” the founder wrote on their official website. If one is trying to visit their website it may not be possible as you can only find the notice written by the founder, giving his sincere apologies to their customers.

According to the report, this casualty occurred due to to some ” financial difficulties” which became a concerning factor for the investors.

Prixbit is trying their best to cooperate with their client about their deposits and exchanges. They are trying their best to refund all the investments made by their faithful and supporting customers.

It is believed that these difficulties came forward due to lack of security, it is also a major recommendation for the company that they need to tighten up their security.

They have refunded deposits of their various customers, who have returned their account information. However, who have not returned their account details are requested to do so so that they can continue with their refunding process.

They are refunding the tokens/deposits through PRX and GRX.

Prixbit has been very open about the possible termination of the services. But for further inquiries, they are keeping their Gmail open to their customers.

Ellan Hare

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