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Boss Ko Earns the Title of Chicago’s First Crypto Rapper

Boss Ko Earns the Title of Chicago’s First Crypto Rapper

While NFTs are making giant strides by combining with the music industry, the crypto domain is not far behind. Boss Ko, a famous Chicago-based rapper, is helping both his music and crypto market by combining them both.

Boss Ko is known as Chicago’s first cryptocurrency rapper due to his ties with the industry. The rapper is stated to learn something new regarding both the stock and crypto market to improve his portfolio. Boss Ko educates himself and betters his revenue proceedings routinely through the same process.

His experiences are depicted in his songs as he continues to move forward as a music artist. The artist aims to release music monthly and has been doing so for the whole previous year. Looking at his music history, like the single Break the Brokers, a constant theme becomes apparent.

Boss Ko keeps his music and investment proceedings close, expressing how his life is changing through the songs. Like any other artist, Spotify and Instagram are the two most popular platforms for Boss Ko too. He currently has a following of 60k+ on Instagram alone, showing his popularity on the social media platform.

While the current market settings are not supporting cryptocurrencies, a music artist from Chicago accommodates the sector with his music. Boss Ko, Chicago’s first cryptocurrency rap artist, is known for his music and investment portfolio. The rapper tends to share his investment experiences through music and aims to continue the trend.

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