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Elas Unveils Tool Suite ‘Signavera’ To Enhance Customer Experience

Elas Unveils Tool Suite ‘Signavera’ To Enhance Customer Experience

Elas works as a robust blockchain-powered software engineering firm providing real-world solutions to entities and government institutions. It has proudly announced the launch of Signavera, a dedicated suite with plenty of functional capacities. 

The newly-launched suite comprises a revolutionary multi-signature wallet and a variety of tools like intra-domain messaging, synergetic multi-signature accounts, seamless export for reporting, etc. The users of Elas will enjoy access to several unique blockchain-supported operations, clubbed with a streamlined experience. 

Salient Features of Signavera

  • Professional users will easily manage various multi-sign accounts via the non-custodial tool. Easy co-signing service and a user-friendly experience will enhance the overall capacity of the ecosystem. 
  • The users shall be able to store, share, and distribute their assets across various addresses. The wallet is highly compatible with tokens. 
  • Payments shall be initiated and authorized with account-based signing limit and timely notifications.
  • The transactions will be ready to export through an accountant-friendly protocol to ensure proper reporting and tax requirements. 
  • The facility of micropayment for activities carried out within the channel helps free customers from the heavy burden of monthly payments.  

The CEO of Elas, Brendan Lee, stated that Signavera was designed to streamline the management of the Bitcoin SV assets for users. The customers will be exposed to various benefits that cater to the complexities of a blockchain channel. The complete Signavera suite is likely to open up new opportunities for enterprises. 

The team aspires to add more advanced features to the Signavera suite in the future, including multi-organization shared account function. Those deploying the suite on their channel will get easy access to all these powerful services. The firm will run a pilot event for Signavera to help popularize the fund management capacities of the project. The pilot is likely to run for 10 weeks before registrations gain momentum in the market space. The project can be deployed on any domain, allowing users to manage their funds on the powerful BSV blockchain channel. 

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