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YieldParrot Joins Hands with Reef Finance to Benefit DeFi Space

YieldParrot Joins Hands with Reef Finance to Benefit DeFi Space

In what could be defined as a partnership of strategic interest, Reef Finance has decided to come together with YieldParrot to offer a new world of opportunities to users in the ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi). This association is particularly useful for bringing growth opportunities in the field of marketing and farming of assets yields. The new liquidity pool REEF-BNB will become available to all users holding REEF BEP-20. 

The rationale behind the partnership is that both organizations are looking to derive synergy from each other’s operational capabilities. By building on the existing ecosystems of both companies, more and more users will be exposed to the Reef Chain and Reef Finance. In addition to providing the opportunity for existing BEP-20 token holders to experience the innovative and cutting-edge strategies of YieldParrot, Reef Finance will also get to acquire new users by expanding its reach among the wider set of potential users and customers. 

YieldParrot is also working at full pace to bring the REEF-BNB pool to the existing ecosystem of Reef very soon. The Reef community will also get a chance to deliberate on the course of action that YieldParrot should take to expand its reach among the prospective users. 

It is indeed an effort to create a win-win opportunity for stakeholders of both organizations. In addition, the largest ecosystem of blockchain technology and DeFi will also get benefited from this association. This is specifically true for DeFi, where technology evolves almost every day. This is helping the segment to evolve and grow at an enviable pace. It will be interesting to witness how users of both communities will react to this development and the actual benefit this collaboration will bring.

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