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One Twitter Profile Has Tipped About $10K worth of BCH


Crypto space is never idle. Something or other keeps happening in the crypto world which keeps its users on their toes 24*7. While some businesses are making news signing deals and launching crypto products, some are becoming popular for conducting some unusual activities in the crypto space or simply by Tweeting controversial messages.

Recently, one news is attracting everybody’s attention. Twitter users are certainly active like never before since they have come across one Tweet. Especially, Bitcoin Cash lovers areon attention mode. A Twitter handle named @Bitcoininfo has started giving away considerable funds in the form of Bitcoin Cash to random people and non-profit organizations. This Twitter handle has 107,000 followers as on April 26, and the profile has given away $10,000 worth BCH in the last two days.

Tipping is done through a bot called Tippr. Tipper is bot created by Rocketr. Those who received the tipping funds include profiles like @Libertydoll who is a libertarian blogger and had her PayPal account is suspended. Other receivers include Bitcoin Unlimited, Find Bitcoin Cash, Libre Office, Bitcoin ABC, along with tons of other people. This was not a one way deal in every transaction; some asked for money to the profile and immediately received BCH.

This has been happening for a long time, but this week, the Twitter community saw it at a bigger scale, and a lot of BCH coins were getting tipped this week. Apart from typical random profiles, the Twitter profile also gave money to popular crypto luminaries Jeff Garzik. It was observed that the profile was requesting people to spend, use or donate the tipped BCH. While individuals have received $50 or more/less, NGOs have received $500. The names of NGOs benefited from this giveaway include Water Project, Coindance, Tor Project, Ethiopia Aid, along with many other international foundations.

Some expressed their suspicion while some are appreciating this giveaway on social media platforms. The giving away Twitter profile is over eight years old. One user said, “Looks like @Bitcoininfo is one of the many early Bitcoiners that understands that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin.”

“I actually use Bitcoin now (aka: bitcoin cash) — Some people don’t seem to understand that using it as a medium of exchange is making it valuable,” the @Bitcoininfo profile tweeted on April 26. The account also notified that now the tipping wallet is empty and it has given away n number of BCH to thousands of people.

“My Tippr bot wallet is empty now,” @Bitcoininfo detailed on Twitter. “That was $10,000 worth of bitcoin cash in Twitter tips.”

Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan Murphy is editor in chief at He has 7 years of experience with our firm. He has keen interest in news reporting and reads crypto news in his free time.