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Protofire to Add Chainlink on Plasm and Shiden Networks

Protofire to Add Chainlink on Plasm and Shiden Networks

Announcing the selection of Protofire, Chainlink has said that the development workshop will get a community grant to facilitate its integration with Plasm smart contract platform and the Shiden platform. This integration will pave the way for developers on both these networks to have seamless access to data feeds and off-chain computations of Chainlink, thereby creating a vibrant and robust data and DeFi ecosystem in the category of smart contracts.

This integration will result in price feeds of Chainlink being accessible to all developers who use the Shiden and Plasm network for launching their projects. In addition, this grant will encourage a host of development activities across domains such as DeFi, NFTs, insurance, gaming, and so on.

Protofire will help in this integration through the following ways:

  • It will validate and adapt the contracts of Chainlink to ensure their compatibility with Plasm and Shiden networks.
  • It will test and deploy all components of the Chainlink to mainnets of collaborating networks and provide support for the continuous maintenance and upgradation processes in the future.
  • It will provide the facility of automated testing to verify the integration between collaborating networks.
  • It will document the processes to enable new developers to access the procedures of integration between Chainlink and Plasm and Shiden networks.

The reason behind the selection of Protofire is quite apparent as the consultancy organization has been widely recognized as a leading authority in the domain of blockchain technology. It has multiple industry-leading names in its client list and has been awarded many prestigious grants and prices in the past. Thanks to its extensive expertise in the domain of building smart contracts, decentralized solutions, and other development tools, Protofire has been counted among the most trusted names in the industry.

This integration will open up new avenues of growth and opportunities for organizations and developers in the DeFi domain. Having seamless access to the data and smart contracts will boost the efficiency factor and help the segment work with more effectiveness in the future.

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