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Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: Which One Is More Profitable?

Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum


What started in 2009 with Bitcoin has now turned into a full-fledged empire. Cryptocurrencies have entered the mainstream market, and now the industry has over 1,300 types of them.

Since BTC has been present in the market ever since its start, it is natural to assume it will edge over its competitors. While Bitcoin does rule the crypto market, Ethereum manages to give it tough competition.

The debate between Bitcoin vs. Ethereum has been present for a long time and will continue to be so. However, some key points can help you choose one over the other. 

What are they? Keep reading and find out:

Bitcoin Vs. Ethereum: Key Difference

The Fundamentals

While both BTC and ETH are based on the fundamentals of crypto and distributed ledgers, their technicality differs immensely. The ETH network contains executable codes, while the transactions on the BTC network are for keeping purposes.


On the algorithm front, BTC uses the SHA-256 system. Contrarily, the ETH network uses the ethash system.

The Primary Intent

The primary motive behind both cryptos was different, to begin with. Bitcoin was an alternative to traditional currencies, thus becoming a store of value and a medium of exchange. On the other hand, ETH was developed to facilitate immutable programming contracts and apps through their currency.

Block Limit

Bitcoin lacks on the block limit front – the number of transactions taking place on a single block. A Bitcoin transaction takes around 10 minutes to be executed, and the transaction can only hold up to an MB’s worth of data. Thus, BTC can only handle 3-4 transactions every second.

The ETH network does not suffer from the same issue. ETH miners decide the number of transactions they insert into blocks. As of now, the number of transactions handled by ETH per second is fifteen.

Which One to Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?

The ultimate question of which to buy Ethereum vs. Bitcoin depends on your risk profile. Both cryptos are developed to perform in the long term with the world getting digitized.

Out of the two, Bitcoin is considered more stable and mainstream. However, the bullish movement falls in favor of Ethereum. When it comes to investment, Ethereum follows the higher risk, high rewards fashion. 

Now that both cryptos have passed the proof-of-concept phase, investors need to take both seriously. So, BTC should be the choice for stability and ETH for high rewards.

Future & Scope of Bitcoin and Ethereum

The age-old debate of BTC vs. ETH can also be accounted to the sheer growth they have. Bitcoin recently reached the 63,000 dollar mark from 10,000 dollars within a year. Ether, on the other hand, reached 2,400 dollars from the 150 dollars within the same period.

The future for ETH appears to hold a greater reach. However, the reason behind this is simple. Since BTC has been in the market for longer, its evolution has been more remarkable. On the other hand, ETH has the entire industry for itself. 

Bitcoin is expected to surge to the 150,000 dollars mark by the end, showing a whopping 1.4 times growth. However, it is also true that many BTC owners have shifted to expand their ETH holdings. If you make an investment in Bitcoin or Ethereum, you will surely get a good profit in return. Check out Bitcoin Profit Platform to automate your crypto trading and make a profit daily from it. 

Comparing the future proceedings, Bitcoin still appears to be the more stable form of investment. The reason why Ethereum is considered riskier is because of its volatility. ETH has lower institutional and retail adoption prospects.

Wrapping Up

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most renowned cryptos in the world right now. That is why BTC vs. ETH has been a debate for the masses worldwide. While deciding a clear winner between the two is challenging, the blog has provided enough material to make an individual choice. Read through and understand how BTC vs. ETH pans out in 2021.

Jonathan Murphy

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